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So right now, I’m on a animation workshop, that’s gonna take two days to finish. The teacher is awesome. Now we are on a break and there’s a lot to eat outside the classroom, coffee, cake, different kinds of bread etc. however, it is so difficult for me to go and start talking to people that I…

   Dear nataly-leyton,
 Step 1! Close the laptop/cell phone/whatever!  It wont help you ;)
Most people who are engrossed in their phones or computers come off as rude or unapproachable. 

The thing that I always do is to always smile. It doesn’t have to be a big smile, but if you look happy, you look approachable. :) 
But really, it’s going to take you stepping out of that comfort zone. Just take the leap and find someone that has something you like, or can talk about (like a keychain of sasuke, or a cute t-shirt or whatever ;) ) 
Chances are they all feel the same way and just need a little push too. :)

Hope this helps!

, #nataly-leyton #advice